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General weight loss instructions

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Avoid sugar, jaggary, honey, sweets

Avoid refined cereals (Maida products) bakery products, canned, packed foods, dry fruits, nuts (coconut, ground nut) & oil seeds, pickle, fried food, dalda, butter

Avoid fruit juices, cold drinks, soft drinks, alcohol, sugarcane juice, jam, jellies, chocolates

Avoid potato, sweet potato (rataloo), suran

Avoid banana, chikoo, custard apple, raisins, jackfruit, dates, mango

Fruits allowed: orange 1 medium, apple 1 medium, sweet lime 1 small, jambu fruit 10-12, grapes 10-12, papaya 2 slices, pineapple 2 slices, figs 2 fresh, watermelon 3-4 pcs, guava 1 medium, pear 1 medium, pomegranate 2/3 average

Non-veg: Chicken / fresh fish can be taken twice a week. Avoid organ meals, mince meat, paya, beef prawns etc.

Oil: ½ kg per month (including Ghee)

Drink plenty of water

Do not skip meals. Meal timings should be followed strictly

Do not eat in between meals

Exercise: 30-45 mins daily (increase gradually) e.g. brisk walking, running, jogging, skipping, swimming, cycling etc

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